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Today, the 30th August at night the Cross Mountain in Medjugorje was so nice! After the wedding we all went to have dinner . I sent a prayer request for my daughter Lizzie Njeri who was going to see the Dr. having told that she is having fibroid. Thanks be to God. ASK JESUS IF HE’D LIKE YOU TO START SENDING A MONTHLY DONATION TO MARY TV.TO CONTINUE SAILING WITH OUR LADY UPON THE DIGITAL SEA THIS BOAT NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP. Daniel was stricken on Holy Thursday with the same thing that killed his older sister Rebecca 17 years ago. for a 96 yr. old lady who was from Portugal. Believe it or not, that was the most successful projects the company had and I got awards and accolades for both of them. Dziękuję Mateńce za wysłuchanie prośb i wstawiennictwo o uwolnienie.Zięć został uwolniony.Dziękuje Ci Mateńko I don't recall what day that I experienced my short and vivid vision, but it was during a rainy wet evening on top of Apparition hill near where Our Lady's appearance to Ivan's prayer group that I had experienced while I had my eyes closed and was in prayer. I want to thank our dearest Cathy and Rosie with all my heart for prayers said in Medjugorje. I only recently discovered MaryTV, Medgugorje had always been one of those things in the background as I was growing up but gave little heed to. About one week ago I asked for prayers. HK is a religious, Christian, Catholic and liberty lung of PRC, let's pray for them, these are very hard and crucial times to them, to all the population there and in mainland PRC, let´s pray and fast for them. She was offered a job two weeks after coming home from our pilgrimage with Mike. I had five classes that day. On Sunday, October 15th, my Mum called me to say she was on her afternoon walk and was witnessing the miracle of the Sun. Dear MaryTV:....I want everyone to know prayer does work and I know Jesus and Mary and all our beloved saints do intervene...the grace of faith hope and charity is for us to trust and believe through fervent humility and continued prayer we reach Our Father Our Blessed Mother and all the Saints to grant us our requests..God Bless all and don't forget God's blessed animals flowers are a testament to His wonderful creations...we honor all that has been granted by God..thank you all very much from the heart and MaryTV a special place in my heart for all you do.... My Mothers test results have come back clear on Friday thank you for prayers and thank you Our Lady, my Mother is still very bruised and sore but recovering well Amen. Mirjana: Who is Jelena Vasilj who reveals the secrets of Medjugorje? Today in America is the Feast of Corpus Christi. Denis Nolan. Within one week, much of our sins have been brought to surface, I asked God to burn out every sinful thing from us and out of our home and to restore our family in His love. Today, I watched the broadcast during Mother Marys' apparition time. At Medjugorje, I was introduced to my mother Mary with whom I have an ongoing relationship. At times, I was thinking of committing suicide. And this gift is big! The chemo was effective, and they were able to proceed with the surgery. We watch Mary TV every day and night, and it teaches us a lot about our Catholic faith, Our God's love for us. I felt very joyful when Cathy said this month you/we will be praying for all those who do not know God, Jesus, the Holy Mother, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thanks! She had 2 sisters who died because of cancer - origin was also from the breast. Meanwhile the women brought food out to the tanks, saying, "It's dinnertime, boys - come and eat! Many blessed medals were taken today as well as Divine Mercy prayer cards and Divine Mercy 8” by 10 “ pictures of the Divine Mercy Jesus as well as Divine Mercy rosaries. All my friends and prayer groups i've been part of stem from Međjugorje. There were millions of stones. Everything in our lives can become the ordained will of God when we just surrender “thy will be done.” And, praying with this community of Our Lady gives me the strength and courage to surrender. I don't know if they ship outside the us. Before 18th March our Holy Mother used to say: "this is a time of grace"; now She told Ivan: "this is a time of gratitude". Tonight, a short time ago I went outside, and looked up in the sky. This week my sister informed me that since I had gone to Medjugorje, her daughter had been auguring a lot with her boyfriend, and today I received a message that her daughter slept at their home. Vicka wrote to Denis: “Our Lady says that the plan is good – but you need to wait a little. We received very good news, my carotid artery has started opening up and I have maybe 10 to 15% blood flow. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Mother in Heaven.... Cathy this is not really a testimony -but a BIG THANK YOU to you and Denis....I love the "Moments with Mary" and the "Fruits of Medjugotje". I am very happy because in May 13 celebration of Apparitions, in Fatima, Portugal, they were officially praying for catholic Chinese all over the world, the Emeritus Bishop of Hong Kong celebrated the Mass, he is a Chinese who lived in Hong Kong and studied in seminar in Macau, long time ago. I am so happy for the HK boys testimony, so nice! Thanks too to Denis and Cathy for the prayer verse: “O Jesus, I surrender myself to you; Take care of everything” which I heard first time on your channel few days ago. Thank you both for bringing the world Medjugorje through Mary TV. I just returned from Medjugorje. Podbrdo (Apparition Hill) in Medjugorje. I thanked God with a big heart. The day I went to Medugorje, it was August 17th, following a week spent in Croatia. Here’s how it came about. This coming Monday, the Senate will vote on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. You can also make out a check or money order to MARY TV and mail to: Mary TVP.O. I stood up and after ten feet, I slipped and fell again. i am so humbled by how GREAT GOD IS!!! Now, I still cried my eyes out, in repentance for much, touched by the love of Mary our Mother but it's good to know exactly what to pray about and I now know that Mary our Mother, prays for us and is near, she told us that Jesus Christ is also near and advocates for us in the courts of Heaven. She shared our joy in responding to her call. Cathy we love your insights and reflections. Our Blessed Mother insists that we forgive one another to be like Her Son. These are the days to be joyful and praise God for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. i decided to photograph the sun and thats when i captured these images. The Spirit was vey present and active in the Church and in the people that night. Mary TV was instrumental in my own conversion in October of 2011. Thank you to Our Lady, Her Son Jesus and St Joseph for answers to prayers. !..Medjugorie is real for those who do not believe. Medjugorje: Locutionist Jelena – “I saw the Devil. Hello, God bless the both of you, and may Our Blessed Mother bestow on you many special blessings and graces. my wife is. Now I pray it with them most every day! I had lost my faith many years ago and due to life circumstances had been on a journey of rediscovery, I began to pray the rosary and make reparation in the only ways I knew how but it always seemed so far out of my reach. Thank you, dear Mother! Previsioni Meteo aggiornate per . We as. I go there often to hear and pray the rosary with Denis and Cathy and also to see and hear the Fruits of Medjugorje. Each viewer increases streaming costs to MARY TV. In Fatima Our Lady told that the dogma of Faith will be never lost in Portugal, so let's pray again for Life, let's go on praying for the conversion of people, as She is always. Bind the Every Breath That I take Oh ! Go somewhere and deal with it,” something to that effect! And my husband, who had a little hesitation, thanked me so much for encouraging him to come. Today my precious son Christian is in a facility where he is receiving excellent mental health treatment and is improving daily. I'll always remember this experience and always remember Jana and Paul in my prayers. I was in Medjugorje for the first time in May 2018. With love I follow every adoration, eternally grateful Nancy De la Fuente. Praise be to Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the saints for delivering a very positive outcome to a difficult court case. That person is to know they will be able to do the will of God. Without fear, in the freedom of the sons and daughters of God, we can help souls find their way to peace. She spent last year in treatment from her first birthday. Because I'm pretty sure you're supposed to go. His surgery ended up only being 4 hours, even though they did everything they planned to do, and today he got the results of the biopsy and all of the aggressive tumors are benign. Translation: Thank you, Mother, for hearing the pleas and intercession for release. I unloaded my story on him like I had never done. our prayers were answered. Thanks! He is evil… He wants to steal your soul.”. He attended the interview and was hired on the spot for the job he so much wanted. They are two peas in a pod and have been married for 81 years so there's nothing that he's going through that isn't upsetting her just as much, or more. I have been suffering financially and emotionally for a very long time now. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your dedication! One day I was watching Eucharistic adoration through Mary TV, and saw a white light shaped cross coming out of the Holy Host. Finally, I said, "Ok! I am so grateful to have been blessed by being able to visit Medjugorje and experience the love and miracles there. On returning home I contacted the vocations director of the Irish Capuchin Franciscans which set in motion a process of discernment and assessments which lasted over a period of twelve months. Our Lady came to my rescue when I chanced to find MaryTV on the internet, streaming LIVE the familiar key events in Medjugorje! on the Centenary of our Ladys apparitions at Fatima, our group went to Subukia Shrine also in Kenya also known as the village of Mary. He was brought up in a family with no faith even though some of his children are Baptist. Very seldom is it that I read the testimonies on your page. When I go to Prayer Requests, almost everyday, and I read one by one, pray for one by one on the first page, I can feel like the person who wrote each prayer feels, because some situations I also went through, other situations people I know went through. This was in late August of 2016. On my 3rd visit to Medjugorje June 22, went to the rising Christ garden, able to touch the oil oozing from the knee of Rising Jesus. , I hope to return soon to Medjugorje, the experience of 2 years ago was already tremendous, without anything prepared, many favors and thanks of the Holy Mother arose. I wish to thank you for granting my intention from the Novena prayer to You. But, it is so easy, really. I will be on my knees again tomorrow when this live broadcast occurs again. I would like to thank our lady of Medjugorje for her intercession. through Mary TV, I always feel God and get filled with the Holy Spirit. Thank you for this wonderful update Denis. Mary Immaculate, Queen of the Universe triumph and reign. I notice that you are having the youth festival this weekend and I thought I might share my story with you as it, Hi Cathy, Marytv is A Beautiful gift to us and I just feel those shipmates who can help to get this Good news out need to do so❤ . This event occurred at apparition time!! I like to tell people that I know that Jesus saved me, but he sent his Mom to rescue me through Medjugorje, and she did in a big way. During this week, I was focused on listening to God. This prayer is being answered through Our Lady’s presence in Medjugorje and through Her messages. Thank You, especially, to Our Lady, Queen of Peace for watching over all of us! A month later my mother-in-law died and left Jack and me some money. During these days all the nights I dream of Medjugorje and I hear that call that tells me to come back, before it was more complicated, but not anymore and I think that if the Madonna wants me to come back she will surely succeed. Waiting for Jesus on Holy Saturday: Mary TV’s Miraculous Photo of Blessed Mother Taken in Medjugorje April 20, 2019 September 25, 2019 stephen ryan 11268 Views MARY TV was LIVE STREAMING Ivan’s May 24, 2013 apparition on Mt. IT WILL SAVE US AGAIN!!". This is the year of victories for the United States of America. and his foot was saved. My name is Martina Zappaterra and I am 15. This weekend at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, every parishioner was invited to choose a Saint from Marytv’s Saint list. Although it is early to know what she will be doing, I feel very grateful to my heavenly Mother to whom I pray every day for her intercession and to watch over all the family as it was not something that I saw possible so soon. There is no money that could possibly pay back Mary’s TV enhancement of our spiritual lives. Miracles are happening within me, my family and friends! I was so happy to be there! Thanks Mary tv for bringing it to us, CONGRATULATIONS TO CENACOLO!! Dearest Mother, Mary, Thank you for your assistance, as Susan's one tumor shrunk and the other disappeared. The format is such that you come away from the weekend feeling that you have indeed felt the total self-giving love of Jesus in a very physical way. A Mass of thanksgiving will be said. A priest that was with us when we met in Medjugorje married us. I was having trouble loving a particular person. Thank you, Gospa, for calling us into community through prayer with MaryTV. CLICCA QUI PER LA DIRETTA . I felt drawn to go and look at the Sun myself. The water poured from the head and hands and side of the corpus!! So much so, I went to hug her. My Blessed Mother, I always believe and Our Loving Father answered my prayer through Your Loving Care. But she didn’t do it alone. I still cannot believe this precious gift from heaven as a thank you. I gain such hope , grace and strength from allowing those beautiful places to flow into our home each day. Cameron is always happy to help. We had the most amazing experience when we got home David know how to say the rosary by him self, i just wanted to share this with you, we will be coming again, Thank you Holy Mother its amazing. I believe in Your Son and your place as my mother in heaven. Thank you so much Mary TV! One can be with Jesus and Mary and feel the Peace that is in Medjugorje. Thanks God. Dear brothers and sisters in christ, my husband lost job since 2months and i have submitted prayer request here. During our pilgrimage we received notification that our 2 year old great nieces cancer had returned and she would be needing chemo treatments again. My husband pulled out a rosary blessed by Our Lady from Medjugorjie with your card. As a fellow prayer warrior, I can testify to the daily miracles that are taking place in my life and around the world. My health prevented me from coming as I suffer from severe mental illness in the last 13 years. One day, I was washing the dishes Today, I watched the broadcast during Mother Marys' apparition time. Always. At the last daily apparition to Jakov Colo on September 12th, 1998, Our Lady told him that henceforth he would have one apparition a year, “Dear children! The resources, such as Fruit of Medjugorje, are there for our encouragement. when no way you can see an opening whether it was put in or not. I requested a prayer more than a week ago for a speedy recovery of my mother, Prescila, who just got out of the hospital and was very weak due to pneumonia and was not eating. My husband with kidney failure had gone on dialysis after months of presenting very wearing symptoms for his body (Vomiting, belching, thinness, paleness, dizziness, etc.). You who live in the love of God and have experienced his gifts, witness them with your words and life that they may be for the joy and encouragement to others in faith.”. Prayers would help and thank you in advance for whoever is able to prayer for him.. But I wanted to really read into it to see why it was her favorite prayer. DENISE PS. I booked 7 years ago to go on a pilgrimage with my daughter but unfortunately I was hospitalised and was not allowed to leave the country. Bind my Ears and Cover them that I hear No Evil.. Bind my Eyes and Cover them That I see No Evil. She has been going through a very painful time of having eye injections in one eye. Thank you so much to all the people who prayed for a peaceful and healthy labor and delivery for our grandson. Thank you Jesus, thank you my Mother Mary for inviting me to be a witness to the mystery of salvation began many years and being gradually fulfilled during my presence. So many people have been praying on my behalf for this position and salary thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer thank you Mary interceding thank you to all of the Saints have, Thank you Mary, Jesus and all the Saints for answering my prayer for the job at EHP. They had found the figure that night and it was standing upright, not lying as you would expect if it had fallen. I asked the Blessed Virgin Mary:s intervention, when my sister was. Jozo, above me, was intensely shaking his Rosary beads at the people in such an uncustomary way, his voice stern and earnest. Classes were 50 minutes long. He is now ready to meet the Lord with the soul of a baby. he said, holding high his arm and shaking the Rosary three times. This is the second time traveling to this special place. I also struggle to live, because it takes massive amounts of energy for me to rise above all these things daily. My common-wall neighbor is a disturbed young woman. It is so so urgent, thank you for praying for this intention and also for this country. The prayers from the MaryTv family worked, and he received news that they could proceed with the chemo. There was a lovely stillness and I could feel his peace enfolding me. Jim lost his Mother Avis in July of 2010. Instead of getting up to go to Mass on my days off, I had been sleeping in. The Dogs of Medjugorje … Friendly Protectors against Unseen Demons? God bless you! Is anyone else seeing the cross lit up? Since the tenderness of St. Joseph became apparent in so many images everywhere, I became enthralled with his tenderness with Mary and then, Jesus. Our Lady wasted no time with me! Thank you for praying! Praying the Rosary and listening to Fruits of Medjugorje strengthens. I requested a prayer more than a week ago for a speedy recovery of my mother, Prescila, who just got out of the hospital and was very weak due to pneumonia and was not eating. Its objective is to create Christian groups that work together to become catalysts for community evangelization. Today, I am working as Novice Director in our Kilkenny Friary as well as been Provincial Vicar for the Irish Province of the Capuchin Franciscans. She is equipping us to bring Jesus to all those around us, in the same way that Jesus helped me in the classroom. Deeply touched. my wife is well and fit and I am working 24 hours a day hopefully this will continue as I work for the vineyards glory. FM122 Fruit of Medjugorje Colleen Willard healing testimony Men judge unjustly. If I had the resources, I would live there, sing my Religious Songs, and give my Testimony to the Guests of Jesus and Mary-the pilgrims everday!!! Awestruck, I was not fearful but so filled with joy and peace. Staying at Domas Damar near the Risen Christ. I am now in a new lovely home with my family. None of the prayers for Ireland was lost! Whenever we feel lost and weary for the troubles we experience everyday, we often watch Our Gospa at the hill and the Cross on the Krizevac on Mary TV. Maybe that finger is pointing between your eyes as it had been all those years ago as I began to teach. I can not express to you. Recently, our son in law Steven, who recently became catholic, got a bad injury to his leg. I asked a sign to Virgin Mary long time ago to confirm her apparitions in Medjugorie. Visionary: Our Lady has a precise project for the world and for the Church. Whilst there Cameron helped me to go to the restroom as to reach it you have to manoeuvre steep stairs and I can only walk with the aid of a crutch and needed assistance. The music, singing and praying was such that the sheer sense of joy was so tangible, one could almost touch it. "He lost part of the colon...he had internal bleeding for a long time, but that stopped...head fracture and eye damage....broken arm, etc. Please have a look on this, I think you will like it, THANKS for everything you do, for Mary TV: Live TV - In diretta da Medjugorje (cliccare sull'immagine seguente) Radio MIR Medjugorje La Radio "Mir" Medjugorje è stata fondata in primo luogo per trasmettere il … I am one of those who are listening to and getting strength from Mary TV! Just a quick testimonial as to how very blessed I have been from the 36th Anniversary Novena to celebrate Our Lady's coming to Medjugore. Had looked for them for several days! I was then shown an image from the side of his loving sacrifice on the cross in a sillohoutte. As our group reached the top of the Mountain, I looked for a place to sit down in private. She is not someone I see very often. Thank you! I had prayed " O Lord please send someone to haul me out of the river." We still have a couple of days of this Advent left. As a child I was introduced to Christ not just in the formal way of prayer but also by the living faith of my parents as witnessed in their everyday lives. Mirjana's pain is unimaginable to me, God bless her. whether the co. will renew the contract or terminate.Mother mary intercede us in this case. Every morning Michael led us in a beautiful rosary with meditations and song and he arranged for us to have Franjo as our daily guide. A miracle occurred last year when our Pregnancy Help Center in Tempe moved across the street from a Planned Parenthood. Thank you our lady. In June I took my sister, Phyllis, to Medjugorje. See Medjugorje live with our Medjugorje webcam, Lourdes webcam, Vatican webcam, Jerusalem Webcam, Wailing Wall Webcam and more. I don't know - WHY -. Then I felt a key turn in my heart and I was able to forgive the people in my own life. In fact, after celebrating the school’s 50th Anniversary, Mike Cassidy, the former principal, told me my name had been listed by students through the years more than any other name as the favorite teacher at St. Joe. 15 months ago it appeared possibly my precious son Christian could be looking at a number of years in prison and i must admit was a thought i truly could not bare. Good Morning!!!!! This is why Mary TV exists. The Fruits of Medjugorje project is a new initiative to compile and share video testimonials of people who have been impacted by visits to Medjugorje. The labor had stalled, and they were beginning to consider C-section. I did not really expect anything to happen as a result. I walked in direction of the Cross. I also had. Again, thank you! He almost died 20 times.! A Priest is never a priest on his own. Yesterday I asked for prayers for a missing cat. I also recalled "a sign" that our Merciful Mother gave me in Medjugorje, October 2017, while Fr. Now finally with the help of our Lady, my husband and 2 youngest children will be flying to Medjugorje next may on my birthday May 22. This was so amazing as two years ago when we (from New Zealand) joined up with a pilgrim tour from Dublin, Fr Sean was one of the leaders of the group and his support and encouragement was something to be remembered. Three nights later Cameron’s parents FaceTimed us. The Priest who had accompanied them said, "No - Mary told us to come - She will provide us with a translator. Our Lady gave this prayer 25 years before She started appearing in Medjugorje. I have never been to Medjugorje but through MaryTV I feel like I have been there and can be present there. We celebrated her 60th birthday on April 24th...this celebration had a whole new meaning. As I remember it there were no textbooks, at least in Theology courses. Before I could think about it, I understood that Medjugorje was a sacred place of faith, a place that is surrounded by God's protection where the enemy cannot destroy faith. A supernatural Cross of Light in the heavens on Ascension Thursday - what a Great Sign!! Myself and my family have received many graces while going through this Novena with Cathy's A Moment With Mary and with the Parish climb of Apparition. Come Holy Spirit Bind my Hands that I do no evil. Ive struggled for 20 yrs with bad health and live in an oppressive post war environment. Congratulations, Cathy, Denis & Family, I am just looking at your beautiful baby girl! God works in mysterious ways. Mary TV is your gift to Our Lady! Thank you for having responded to my call.”  (April 25, 2017). You are a signpost in these treacherous times of the faithfulness of God's Presence. As a result of having sessions in spiritual direction I can honestly say that I have been helped in my own restlessness. - Happy Birthday Mother Mary ! My daughter accepted and began her new career at the University in October of last year. Then all the words went together and the word "kisses" came through!! Leon to refocus my attention but I felt pulled to look again at the mountains. I visited this sacred and beautiful land in September this year and was blown away by the peace love and feeling of our blessed mother medjugorje will always be in my heart and i look forward to returning in 2018 God bless all of you, On my first trip to Medjugorje in 1989 I saw the bottom part of Kriezevac disappear and I saw the Blessed Mother's three clouds appear for a few seconds!! Please pray for me too, I need it very much, thanks! Our Mother truly is a loving Mother who wishes us well. I'm an author, and Jose asked me to write a book about Fatima, which I did: "Fatima 2017". Wednesday night on the Vigil, Eucharistic Adoration was scheduled from 10 PM -Midnight, in preparation for Ascension Thursday. Father Robb gave a beautiful homily about the fact that he thought it was fitting that the reading for our wedding was the transfiguration, because we met on a mountain and was transformed by the grace of God. ” [January 25,1987] . It pays to persevere in prayer to Our Blessed Mother because you don't know when she will surprise you with these wonderful gifts. The three days are said to be three encounters. I start my day with Mary TV and one of my favorites is the Divine Mercy Chaplet, scenes and beautiful music from Medjugorje, I am transported back to that Heavenly place, which is where I. He is starting a new job very soon. What an amazing and life changing experience. I am most thankful for this community. We enjoyed each other's company. Praise to Jesus When I looked up at the host Jesus Holy and adorable face was looking out from the host at me. Thank you Denis and Cathy for all the work you do with MaryTV. I asked Our Lady if she would be so kind as to take my right hand and help me down the hill and asked my Guardian Angel to take hold of my left hand. During this week, I was focused on listening to God. Thank you for being a beautiful instrument of Our Lady! Our friends Susie and John decided to form a prayer group in response to this message. we are blessed to know we have her intersession, before God. It truly is a wonderful place and has blessed me personally so deeply. Mary touched me in a literal and spiritual sense!! The more one is open to see God in every life experience, the more one feels in contact with the divine that all- encompasses us. I saw this event on the internet! St. Katharine of Drexel chose me, and I began shaking as I read her message. My grandson, Cameron was due to begin his first term at High School 2 days after our return. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, please pray for the following they're homeless lost job[ family none] catholics failed them to much to tell need miracle can not profess christ left for dead on streets Patrick ,Mick and Lori parishes knew did nothing offer reporation dead christians. I had some blessed medals from Medjugorje that I agave the lady, Leslie, one for her and one for her daughter. I did not know about Merdjugjore at all until I met a friend in September 2017 during a retreat in North Wales. (I thank Madonna of Medjugorje today and always because she saved me from a malignant tumor and my son from a heart disease that would have led to sudden death. I am truly grateful that I've had this experience because I have been humbled by much love and support from friends I really didn't know I had. I want to thank the Holy Mother and Mirjana Soldo for the book My Heart Will Triumph, it is so important for the vigil Mary talked about last apparition to Mirjana, for nowadays, for our daily life, because we can see she is just like us, she feels depressed when.

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